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Amisys Business Manager

  • Pure window based accounting software

  • User Friendly

  • MultiUser Accouting Solution

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bhRza Construction Manager

  • OverAll Project Management Software

  • Measurement,Steel and BBS Estimate with RateList

  • Contract Cell, Store Enteries and Billing

  • Planning, Weightage and Daily Progress Entry

  • All Kind Of Reports

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Tarkavos System India


Green Energy Economic Technology


We are partners with Unicom Infotel Pvt Ltd for providing support for Siemens EPBX systems across Gujarat Region.


Unicom is a part of progressive group of companies having diverse operations ranging from design, development and manufacturing of complex engineering goods to vast segments of pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, dyes and power generation, to name a few.

bhRza Technologies


We are partners with Bhrza Technologies for providing development and back end support for Bhrza Construction Manager.

Advantages of Partnerings

  • Speed and Flexibility in Delivering New Products
  • Ability to Hedge Your Own R&D Effort
  • Product Distribution
  • Improved Access to Capital
  • Access to Expertise
  • Innovative Products
  • Creative People
  • Manufacturing Capability